How to Osaka Metro

Useful Signage

Osaka Metro has implemented a station numbering system for an easy navigation of their expansive train system.
Here’s an example of a station sign you will find on a platform.

“M17”, “M18”, “M19” are station numbers.

Understanding Station Numbers

Station Numbers & Line Colors

A station number consists of a letter and a number and is colored with the color of the specific line.


The letter represents the train line.
The number is the station sequence for the particular line.
The color is the color of the train line.

Since Osaka Metro operates nine lines, nine combinations of letters and colors exist.

Each letter represents an Osaka Metro line:
M– Midosuji Line
T– Tanimachi Line
Y– Yotsubashi Line
C– Chuo Line
S– Sennichimae Line
K– Sakaisuji Line
N– Nagahori-Tsurumiryokuchi Line
I– Imazatosuji Line
P– New Tram

By checking the letters and colors, you can figure out where you are and where to go and transfer to another line.

Station Sequence by Line

Each line has its own set of station sequences. As a rule, the number increases as you go from west to east, or north to south.

Some stations where multiple lines meet have multiple station numbers, one for each line that operates at the station.
For example, Honmachi Station is numbered “M18” on the Midosuji Line, “C16” on the Chuo Line, and “Y13” on the Yotsubashi Line.
Note one station may have multiple line/sequence combinations.

In addition to the station signs found on platforms, station numbers can be found in various places such as route maps, guidance signs at stations, and station entrances and exits.

Still More! Signage Useful for Navigating Osaka Metro

Apart from station numbers, visitors can find other signage with helpful information to ensure smooth travel.

Platform Guide Boards

1Current location on platform (indicated by a red arrow)

2Guidance for exits and transfers

This sign provides visitors invaluable information on where to go as well as the location of restrooms and elevators.

Train Tracker Display

1Destination of the incoming train

2Current location of the incoming train

This screen is installed at every platform and displays service status.

1Announcements from Osaka Metro

Important announcements, such as information on delay or cancellation of trains, is displayed here.

Signs Outside the Ticket Gates

1Exit numbers

2Establishments, intersections, etc. around the exits indicated above

You can use this guide to determine which exit to take to reach your destination swiftly,
avoiding traffic lights and other inconveniences after leaving the station.

Be sure to take advantage of these useful signage and enjoy your trip with Osaka Metro!

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