Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have collected frequently asked questions regarding Osaka Metro and our services.


QHow do I buy tickets and get on the train?
APlease see “How To Osaka Metro.”
QWhat kind of card tickets do you have that can be used on the subway and buses?
AThere are multiple card ticket options, including an IC card that you can use to ride the train by simply touching the machine at the ticket gate, a 1-day pass called “Enjoy Eco Card”, and useful sets of tickets that include a Metro ticket, a private railway ticket, and entrance tickets for facilities along the railway.

Please refer to “Tickets/Passes” for details.
*Please note that these special passes are not available on buses bound for IKEA Tsuruhama and Universal Studio Japan®.
QWhen can I use the 2-day and 3-day passes?
AIn the case of Osaka Metro2day pass, users must use the pass for two consecutive days (chosen by the user) within the period of validity. In other words, the pass is only valid only on the day the ticket is first used and the following day.

In the case of KANSAI RAILWAY PASS 2day・3day, these are valid for any 2 or 3 days within the validity period. In other words, you can use these passes on non-consecutive days (Monday and Wednesday for example.)
QPlease explain the usage times for the unlimited ride 1-day pass such as the “Enjoy Eco Card” and the “Osaka Metro 1day pass.”
AYou can ride all you want all day after the card ticket goes through the automatic ticket gate, anytime between the first train and the last train of the day you use the ticket. Note one day does not mean a 24 hour period after the ticket goes through the ticket gate.
QI could not get through the ticket gate when I put my card through the ticket gate, but the card is not expired.
AIt is possible that you are outside the area where your card ticket is valid, or the card has a magnetic defect. Please contact the station staff nearest you. In addition, please be aware that magnetic defects may occur when the card ticket touches your smartphone.

Information on stations and train cars

QHow can I find boarding positions near the elevator or one that is easy for transferring trains?
APlease refer to the boarding position information displayed on the station platform. You can also access the information online at “Boarding Position Guide”.