Osaka is known as the city of “eat ‘til you drop”.
In addition to its famous takoyaki and okonomiyaki, Osaka offers all sorts of other delicious treats, such as kushikatsu, ramen, udon, sushi, yakiniku, and so much more!
Many eateries operate on the triple-threat concept of “cheap, delicious, and addictive”, and the food experience alone will make you happy you came to Osaka. So, what are you going to eat today?

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Too Hot and Humid?
Kakigori Will Cool You Down

Kakigori, a bowl of shaved ice served with sweet syrup and other toppings, is a summertime …



Enjoy Local Craft Beer in Shinsaibashi
At One’s Brewery Pub

Summer is the ultimate season for beer. Honestly, I’m at my happiest when I drink a glass of …

Izakaya・Bar Night Life


DIY Okonomiyaki,
An Osakan Favorite

.mycourse-table{ display: none !important; }Some call it a savory pancake, some call it …

Experience Okonomiyaki Local Osakan Food


Temple Hopping on a Bike Part II:
Café, Deity of Romance, and Samurai

In Part I of my story, I got my HUBchari bike at Osaka Metro’s Shinsaibashi Station, headed to …

Culture・History kissaten・Cafe Outdoor Temples/Shrines


Jun-Kissa in Osaka:
Classic Coffee Houses of Japan

The great number of coffee houses may surprise you as you walk around the city of Osaka. All of …



Excitements Around Osaka’s Waterways:

Have you seen the ship shaped building on the riverbed of the Shirinashi River in Taisho? The …

Izakaya・Bar kissaten・Cafe Shopping Complex


Midosuji Line Will Run on An Extended Schedule!
A Guide to Enjoying the Night Life in Minami

It was already dark at 8pm, but the night was young for Ana and me, especially because that night …

Izakaya・Bar Night Life


Make Your Own Butaman Pork Buns!
Osaka’s Comfort Food, Made by Me☆

Many have tried the Osaka staple, takoyaki and okonomiyaki. But do you know about …

Experience Food Local Osakan Food


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