New Tram

New Tram

The largest difference between the New Tram and other Osaka Metro train lines is the fact that it is an unmanned, automatically driven tram (Automated Guideway Transit, or “AGT”). The line color is light blue. The line is represented in the station numbering system with the letter “P”, taken from its official name, the Nanko Port Town Line. Along the relaxed bayside New Tram train line are establishments such as Intex Osaka, ATC (Asia-Pacific Trade Center), and Sakishima Cosmo Tower. This line supports the Osaka waterfront area, which is full of convention centers and mixed-use facilities. It runs along the seaside for a distance, providing riders a great opportunity to enjoy beautiful and interesting views that blends the nature and the manmade.

New Tram

Have a comfortable sightseeing trip in Osaka with the Station Numbering.

Osaka Metro has introduced “Station Numbering” to support comfortable use. Routes are indicated by Alphabetical Letters. The number starts with 11 and in principle followed by 11, 12, 13... from west or north. The Station Numbering is also adopted by private railways. Please enjoy many sightseeing spots by smooth traveling.


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 New Tram

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