Osaka offers many great sights to visit and see. Check out our travel itineraries using special passes and find out where you can get a good deal (e.g. discounted admission at sights) with these passes. Make your trip one of a kind at a great value like an Osakan would!

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The Must-See Kaiyukan Aquarium, and then some!
Using Osaka Kaiyu Ticket for an Exquisite Sightseeing in Osaka☆

I love marine animals. The Kaiyukan building has a unique design.Also, it’s really easy to …

Amusement Parks Must See kissaten・Cafe Photo spot Local Osakan Food


Save Money Traveling with the Osaka Amazing Pass!

I’d always thought the Osaka Amazing Pass (1 day pass, Osaka edition) may be the best buy among …

Amusement Parks Must See Cruise Culture・History Experience Free with Osaka Amazing Pass Disount Ticket Sales Office


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