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Enjoy Local Craft Beer in Shinsaibashi
At One’s Brewery Pub

Summer is the ultimate season for beer. Honestly, I’m at my happiest when I drink a glass of …

Izakaya・Bar Night Life


DIY Okonomiyaki,
An Osakan Favorite

.mycourse-table{ display: none !important; }Some call it a savory pancake, some call it …

Okonomiyaki Local Osakan Food


“Along the Osaka Metro Lines” Series: 
The Cho Line (East)

In the last issue of the series featuring Osaka Metro’s nine lines and the famous …

Basic knowledge Transportation


“Along the Osaka Metro Lines”
Series Issue 2: The Chuo Line, Part I (West)

Here’s the issue two of the series that introduces the characteristics and charms …

Basic knowledge Transportation


Welcome to
Osaka Metro’s Toilets

A serious question: what do you think about toilets at train stations? Dark, dirty, …

Transportation Travelling help


Walking Between Osaka Metro Stations:
From Temmabashi to Minamimorimachi

Lockdown has been lifted in Osaka!! We can’t travel far yet but I’m happy to be free from …

Nature/Parks Temples/Shrines Local Osakan Food


Cool Spots, Cool Photos,
With Osaka Metro☆

Osaka is an exciting city, always bustling and filled with energy.For now, …

Photo spot Temples/Shrines


Osaka’s Best Rose Gardens!

Early summer brings fresh green leaves and colorful flowers to the city. The …

Nature/Parks Photo spot


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