A Treasure Box Full of Vintage Cars☆
Travel Back in Time at GLION MUSEUM in Osaka Bay Area



Written by: (YOUN)

● A Time Travel to the Red Brick Warehouse

I noticed a particular image as I was looking at cars online.
A classic car juxtaposed against the backdrop of red bricks. It was so capturing; I had to go and see it in real life. After a few clicks, I found out it was located in the Osaka Bay Area.
I’d been to Kaiyukan Aquarium and Lego Land in the Bay Area and had thought that’s an area I’d definitely visit again next time I’m in Osaka.


Only 5-Minute Walk from the Station

At Osaka Metro Osakako Station, I came out to the opposite side of Kaiyukan. It was a lot quieter and looked almost bleak compared to the busy Kaiyukan side of the station. Many trucks drove by as I walked down the big street, and I saw a large red building emerge ahead of me.
“That’s it!” The image of triangular roofs I saw online rushed back to my mind. As soon as I arrived at the Red Brick Warehouse, I saw many, many cars.
My energy level shot up as I looked at these cool cars!! Classic cars in an almost 100-year old Red Brick Warehouse…what a combination!

I first visited the GLION (pronounced G-LION) Showroom. Their lineup includes classic cars and new cars made in 2000’s. It was nice to be able to just hop in and browse on my own pace, with no pressure to buy. In fact, the place was busy with many tourists.
You couldn’t take your time like this at dealers in town where salespeople will be all over you.


Photos Allowed

I headed to GLION MUSEUM next. Admission is 1,200 yen. Rows of vintage cars, mainly American, are on display here. Bare brick walls and a high ceiling makes the exhibit cool yet uncommon. Cars are displayed by different themes, allowing visitors to learn about their history. I was amazed to learn all these cars are carefully maintained and actually operational.

Their events are designed so that they are enjoyable even for those who come here reluctantly with their car-crazy dads or boyfriends; it might be a good idea to combine the visit to the museum and an event. A friend of mine who accompanied me on this visit works in the wedding industry. She was excited to see a space perfect for a wedding. I think those who enjoy retro and antique atmosphere would like it here. I wonder if the bride and the groom can enter the room in a classic car…??

What made me really happy was that I can take as many photos as I like at the showroom as well as the museum. I can create a photo book with a collection of my own antique car photos☆


Luxurious Restaurants on Site

Next to the museum are a steak house and a café/French restaurant, highly recommended for a nice meal. There’re restaurants in the city where you can enjoy a beautiful night view, but it’s not easy to find restaurants that are so open and have a classic atmosphere. These restaurants are perfect for a special occasion. This time, we just went to the café to get a taste of luxury and had a coke.
I came here because of my interest in cars. This visit expanded my dream and I now want to visit auto shows.

Spots Introduced


[Access] About 5 mins walk from Exit 4 at Osakako Station.
[Hours] 11:00-17:00
※ There may be change of business hours by reservations
[Closed] Mon. (the next day if Mon. is a public holiday)