Tickets & Passes Offers

Make your trip meaningful
by navigating Osaka Metro!

Osaka Metro operates nine lines within Osaka City.
You can simply buy a ticket to ride the train or you can take advantage of the various types of discount tickets and passes available.
Not sure how to choose the best ticket from a wide variety of options?
Here are some of the best deals available that can be used not only on Osaka Metro but also other train lines and various tourist facilities!

ticketConvenient for Travel and Sightseeing in Osaka

Take full advantage of Osaka Metro and Osaka City Bus

1-day pass
“Enjoy Eco Card”

ticketConvenient for International Visitors

Covers the whole Kansai


Unlimited travel around Kansai


ticketConvenient for travel from Osaka City to outside the city

How to Utilize Recommended Passes on Your Trip