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Qoo Hostel Osaka: A Perfect Base in Osaka
with Direct Access to Osaka Metro!

What do you look for when you’re searching for a place to stay? Do you want to be able to stay out late at night? Do you want something close to a station? We have just the right place for you! > Articles: Qoo Hostel Osaka: A Perfect Base in Osaka


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Osaka Metro NiNE’s Communication Tool
Supporting Your Osaka Trip♪

Supporting these key communication issues you may encounter while traveling in Japan is Osaka Metro NiNE’s Language Guides! This convenient communication tool helps you convey your thoughts—even if you don’t know the Japanese language—simply by showing your phone or tablet screen. > Articles: Supporting Your Osaka Trip♪


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A Shopper’s Heaven!
From Practical Goods to Beauty Products,
Great Souvenirs for Only 100 Yen☆

Many international visitors choose Osaka as their destination for its food and shopping scenes. Everyone seems to know the secret—you can find good stuff for a good price in Osaka! I’d say it’s something Osakans are proud of. Among many choices, shopping at 100-yen shops is a must-do. From everyday products like chopsticks and pens to popular foods like wasabi flavored snacks and packaged curry, to fun stuff like sushi shaped erasers that are also puzzles, you can find anything and everything. It is, simply put, shopper’s heaven. > Articles: A Shopper’s Heaven!



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Jun-Kissa in Osaka:
Classic Coffee Houses of Japan

Of all types of coffee houses available in Japan, jun-kissa (“pure” kissaten) is a classic Japanese café that’s quietly regaining popularity. I’d been interested in checking one out because the atmosphere of jun-kissa somewhat resembles cafés in Thailand where I’m from. > Articles: Classic Coffee Houses of Japan


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Excitements Around Osaka’s Waterways:

Have you seen the ship shaped building on the riverbed of the Shirinashi River in Taisho?
The grand opening of TUGBOAT_TAISHO was January 18, 2020. Visiting this boat-shaped floating complex is like stepping into a different world. > Articles: Introducing TUGBOAT_TAISHO



Additional late services on the Midosuji Line scheduled on Friday Feb. 21st has been canceled.


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A Razor-Sharp Edge Made in Japan:
Tower Knives Osaka, Specializing in Japanese Knives

Japanese products are known for their high quality around the world. Electronics and cosmetics are particularly popular. With an increasing interest in Japanese foods, Japanese knives are also getting more attention and are popular souvenirs (for themselves or others) among international travelers in Japan.
We visited Tower Knives Osaka, a unique knife store and gallery located in Shinsekai, to explore the beauty of Japanese knives. > E-mon Guide: Tower Knives Osaka, Specializing in Japanese Knives