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The Best Views of Osaka on Osaka Metro:
Classic Choices


Are you itching to go outside on those warm sunny days?
But trying to stay put at home to keep everyone safe from coronavirus?
Maybe you even had plans to travel to Osaka.

We’ve got you. Since you can’t come to Osaka, we are going to bring Osaka to you via a series of travel photos from Osaka Metro!
These classic top choices for sightseeing in Osaka below make a great view themselves AND also offer a fantastic view of the city and beyond☆
Read on and travel around Osaka from the comfort of your home with Osaka Metro♪


The Classic Choice: Osaka Castle♪

First up, of course, is Osaka Castle, a must-see spot in Osaka.
Built in 1583 by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a peasant who made it to the top and ruled the nation, Osaka Castle is one of the most popular castles in Japan that offers a grand view of Osaka from the main tower♪

Now, everyone knows the beauty of Osaka Castle’s main keep, but did you know Osaka Castle has the tallest castle wall in the country? At about 32m from the bottom (under the water), these stones that make up the wall are massive.

The largest stone can be found at Sakuramon-masugata Square by the Sakuramon Gate.
Known as Takoishi (literally “octopus stone”), this huge stone measures about 60㎡ in size and weighs an estimated 108 tons. It’s bigger than the pyramid stones in Egypt! I wonder how they moved it??
Standing in front of this gigantic stone, anyone would look tiny.

The observatory at the Osaka Museum of History near the castle is a best-kept secret spot for its outstanding view of Osaka Castle juxtaposed against Osaka’s modern skyscrapers☆


Walk in the Clouds Atop Umeda Sky Building♪

Also known as “the Arc de Trimphe of the future” in reference to its distinct exterior design, Umeda Sky Building stands tall at 173m above ground (40 stories) as the landmark of Osaka’s hub, Umeda.

The escalator to the Floating Garden Observatory through a tunnel of windows is mystical and beautiful. It’s like a path that leads you to another world♪

And the 360-degree panoramic view from the observatory on the rooftop is breathtaking. You can see everything—the skyscrapers, Yodo River that leads to Osaka Bay…the whole cityscape of Osaka!

Since the view is completely unobstructed—there’s no window between you and the view—it feels as if you are walking in the sky♪ I love taking a stroll among the clouds. Wouldn’t you?

The view of the city at night from the observatory is also great. Indeed, it’s stunning with the dazzling lights of skyscrapers.


Feel the 100 Years of History at the Osaka City Central Public Hall

Located in the business district of Nakanoshima, the historic Osaka City Central Public Hall celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2018.
The Neo-Renaissance style building characterized with its red brick exterior is stately and elegant♪

© Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

Inside, chandeliers and stained-glass windows remain in their original forms, creating the atmosphere of romantic Taisho era (1912-1925).

In nearby Kitahama area, stylish cafés line the streets.
Sipping on coffee at a riverside café while admiring the Central Public Hall across the Tosabori River is a pure luxury♪


A Bird’s Eye View of the Bay Area from a Ferris Wheel

Last but not the least, we have to visit the Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel in Osaka Bay!
Located within the Tempozan Harbor Village that houses the popular Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan and other commercial facilities, the Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel soars 112.5m above ground.

Looking up this world-class Ferris wheel is astonishing, and the view from inside of the Ferris wheel is extraordinary.
Overlooking the Osaka Bay area and its iconic Minato Bridge (a double-deck cantilever truss bridge) at the top of the Ferris wheel, you would feel like a VIP.

Osaka Bay is also known for beautiful sunsets. In the evening, the orange glow of the sunset and the red Ferris wheel soaring into the sky create an exquisite view♪
In the darkness of the night, the Ferris wheel can also look like bright fireworks.

Osaka has great sites that are well-known and popular like the ones named here. It also offers many other exciting sites, some famous and some uncharted.
At Osaka Metro NiNE, you can search Osaka’s travel sites and attractions using station names and various categories. Find places of your interest today♪
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*Important Note: Many facilities are temporarily closed or operating with special hours to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. Please inquire directly or check each facility’s homepage for current schedules.

Spots Introduced

Osaka Castle Main Keep

[Access] About 15 mins walk from Tanimachi 4-chome Station Exit No. 1-B on the Tanimachi and Chuo Lines
About 15 mins walk from Osaka Business Park Station Exit No. 2 on the Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line
About 15 mins walk from Temmabashi Station Exit No. 3 on the Tanimachi Line
About 16 mins walk from Morinomiya Station Exit No. 3-B on the Chuo and Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Lines
[Hours] 9:00-17:00(Last entry 16:30)
※ There is extension of opening time by season
[Closed] December 28-January 1

Osaka Museum of History

[Access] About 2 mins walk from Exit 9 at Tanimachi 4-chome Station.
[Hours] 9:30-17:00 (Last entry 16:30) ※ Friday of special exhibition period is open until 20:00 (Last entry 19:30)
[Closed] Tue. (the next day if Tue. is a public holiday), December 28-January 4

Umeda Sky Building Kuchu Teien Observatory

[Access] About 11 mins walk from Umeda Station Exit No. 5 on the Midosuji Line
About 15 mins walk from Nishi-Umeda Station Exit No. 3 on the Yotsubashi Line
About 15 mins walk from Hitashi-Umeda Station Exit No. 1 on the Tanimachi Line
[Hours] 9:30-22:30 (Last entry 22:00)
[Closed] Open daily

Osaka City Central Public Hall

[Access] About 5 mins walk from Exit 1 at Yodoyabashi Station.
About 6 mins walk from Exit 1A at Kitahama Station.
[Hours] 9:30-21:30
[Closed] The fourth Tuesday of each month (the next weekday for public holidays),
December 28-January 4

Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel

[Access] About 5 mins walk from Exit 1 at Osakako Station.
[Hours] 10:00-22:00(ticket sales and registration held until 9:30pm) *Vary depending on the season