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Osaka’s Best Rose Gardens!


Early summer brings fresh green leaves and colorful flowers to the city. The comfortably dry weather before the arrival of the rainy season is perfect for enjoying nature.
But since we can’t see these flowers in person this spring, we’re bringing them to you to enjoy virtually! And, we found a flower that blooms in both spring and fall. Hopefully we can all see them together by next time it blooms.


The Two Rose Seasons: Spring & Autumn

Did you know roses bloom twice a year? The first season for roses is spring—they start blooming around May and can be enjoyed through June. The second season is in autumn, around October after the heat of the summer subsides.
We are currently in the midst of the first rose season. Let Osaka Metro take you to Osaka’s top two rose gardens!


An Oasis in the City Center—Osaka’s First Park

Established in 1891, Nakanoshima Park is Osaka’s very first park located in Nakanoshima (literally “island in the center”), a little green spot tucked between two rivers in the center of the city. Visitors to the park enjoy a resort-like peaceful atmosphere away from the bustling metropolis with cruise ships coming by, with the historic Osaka City Central Public Hall and Osaka Prefectural Nakanoshima Library in the backdrop. This park with a long history was completely renovated and beautified with a sprawling lawn in 2009.

The largest rose garden in Osaka, located within Nakanoshima Park, boasts nearly 3,700 roses of 310 varieties. You can enjoy numerous blossoms in many colors and feel the elegance by simply walking around the 1.5 km of the garden.


Winner of the Award of Garden Excellence

Utsubo Park, located in Hommachi, is a long slim park that stretches some 800 meters east to west. Naniwa Boulevard that runs north-south in the middle divides the park into West park and East park where the Rose Garden is located. Taking advantage of its hilly landscape, the park has a waterfall, a stream and a fountain, and 3,400 roses in about 170 varieties are displayed in harmony with the nature around it.
Known as one of the most beautiful rose gardens in Japan, Utsubo Park was awarded the “Award of Garden Excellence” at the World Rose Convention 2006!

The autumn roses of Utsubo Park bloom from early to late October. Look out for the details!


Enchanting Autumn Roses

While roses are delightful in spring, they are magnificent in the fall with deepened color, elegant look, and more profound scent. The meaning of these roses—admiration, love, happiness—mostly expresses passion.

Roses are just exquisite; even just the photos of these flowers are enough to enchant us.
For manga fans, these gorgeous roses and rose gardens might remind you of Rieko Ikeda’s “the Rose of Versailles” series. Can you hear the laughter of Oscar (Oscar François de Jarjayes) and Marie Antoinette?

Let’s look forward to the beautiful autumn roses and the spring roses next year!

Spots Introduced

Nakanoshima Rose Garden (Nakanoshima Park)

[Access] About 4 mins walk from Exit 1A at Kitahama Station.
About 8 mins walk from Exit 1 at Yodoyabashi Station.
[Hours] Always open

Utsubo Park

[Access] About 3 mins walk from Exit 28 at Hommachi Station.
[Hours] Always open