Osaka Metro Manners


With trains arriving at stations virtually every minute, station platforms are busy with crowds of people.
Unspoken rules and etiquette are what keeps these lines and stations function smoothly, without chaos and confusion.
Be sure to follow the rules in order to ensure pleasant travel on Osaka Metro.

01Hold on to Your Baggage


Hold on to your carts and baggage to prevent them from blocking other passengers, falling off the platform onto the tracks, falling down escalators causing injuries, etc.

02Don’t Walk While Using a Phone


Walking while using your smartphone can cause accidents, such as bumping into others and failing to notice poles and posts in your path. If you want to check your phone, please be sure to stop first and pay attention to your surroundings.

03Don’t Spread Out on the Platform


As space on some platforms is limited, spreading out on the platforms can be dangerous. Be aware also that some hallways and stairways are restricted to walking on one specific side.

04Line Up at Boarding Spots


Lining up to board is a basic rule for taking trains in Japan. Once you find your boarding spot (find boarding spot symbols painted on the platforms), cue up and form two or three lines.
Cutting in line and saving spots in the line are strictly prohibited.
Also, please ensure that large suitcases and other baggage do not get in the way of others.

05Give Priority to Exiting Passengers


Once the train reaches the platform and the doors open, stand to the side and wait—passengers getting off the train have priority. Make sure everyone has gotten off before boarding the train.
There is no need to rush; the doors will not close until everyone has boarded.

06Women-only Cars


The Midosuji and Tanimachi Lines have women-only train cars in order to prevent sexual harassment on board.
All trains include one women-only car, all day on weekdays (Mon.~Fri.) on the Midosuji Line, and from the first train until 9:00a.m. on weekdays on the Tanimachi Line.
Men should pay attention to prevent accidentally boarding these cars.
All children in their sixth year of elementary school or younger, as well as the disabled and their caretakers may board these cars.
There are no women-only cars during the holiday schedule.
You can find the boarding spot for women-only car beforehand; they are clearly marked on the platform.

07No Smoking


Smoking is prohibited on the trains, on all platforms, and inside all stations.

08Don’t Rush for the Train


Rushing to board trains can cause accidents and train delays, and is extremely dangerous.
If you are about to miss a train, simply wait for the next train.

01Move to the Back


Once you board the train, move as far back as possible instead of stopping near the doors in order to allow other passengers behind you to get on board too.
When the train stops at a station, move away from the doors and make room for passengers getting on and off the train.

02Save the Priority Seats


Each Osaka Metro train car is equipped with priority seats reserved especially for seniors, those with disabilities, expectant mothers, and those with small children.
These seats can be identified by the color of the seat (it’s different from other seats) and/or signage nearby.
Please keep these seats available for those in need.

03Make Room for Others


If you have a lot of luggage, please place them on the racks above the seats. Do not place them on the seats next to you. Do not spread out on the seat; instead make room so other passengers can sit down.

04Do Not Talk on the Phone


Be sure to switch your phone to silent mode and refrain from talking on the phone while on the train.
Be mindful that some passengers sitting in or near the priority seating area may have medical device implants.
On a really crowded train, please be sure to turn off the phone when standing/seated near the priority seats.

05Turn Down the Volume of Electronic Devices


Sounds of earphones and headphones are unpleasant. Be sure to keep the volume low enough so that others can’t hear it.

06Speak Quietly


However fun and exciting your trip may be, avoid yelling or speaking loudly. Speak in a low, soft voice when conversing on the train.

07No Eating or Drinking


Eating and drinking on the train is troublesome to others. If you are on a long train ride and absolutely have to drink something, please wait until the train is stopped. Smoking is absolutely prohibited.

08Keep Your Luggage Out of the Way


On crowded trains, backpacks can take up space and get in the way of others. Wear your backpack in the front or place them on the racks above the seats.

09Refrain from Applying Makeup on the Train


Many feel uncomfortable around people applying makeup on a moving train, let alone a crowded train. Please refrain from putting on makeup while riding the train.

10Take Your Trash with You


Do not leave your trash on the train. Find garbage cans on station platforms (or elsewhere) and throw it away yourself.