SO MANY manga heroes at Gakiranger

Walking Osaka’s Nipponbashi Ota Road with an Otaku, Part II:
Japanese Comics and Anime Heroes are Forever!



Written by: diego(diego)

● Find Anime Hero Figures at Gakiranger

Continuing from Part I where I visited retro game and manga shops, I’m walking Nipponbashi Ota Road in Osaka, located about six short minutes on foot from Osaka Metro’s Nippombashi Station (Sennichimae & Sakaisuji Lines) and Namba Station (Midosuji, Yotsubashi, & Sennichimae Lines) .
After lunch, I headed to Gakiranger Ota Road, a shop with an ample selection of classic Japanese anime figures. Take a look at these dragon ball figures; Their line up naturally includes main characters like Goku but you can also find minor characters, all irresistable for manga and anime figure fans.

Their selection also includes characters from other Japanese classic anime like One Piece, Sailor Moon, and Devilman. Look close—they are all very well-made. Looking at these figures, I remember their adventures and successes, and I am inspired all over again.

● A Dragon Quest Themed Convenience Store?!

Convenience stores are everywhere in Japan, but a unique collaboration between Lawson—one of the major convenience store chains in Japan—and the Dragon Quest video game brought a Dragon Quest convenience store to Nipponbashi, just 3 minutes north of Gakiranger! Lawson Nipponbashi Nansan-dori is one of the only two Dragon Quest Lawson stores in Japan, the other being in Akihabara, Tokyo.
One of the only two Dragon Quest convenience stores in Japan

Do you see the slime in the LAWSON logo above the entrance? This Lawson carries the usual products seen at regular Lawson convenience stores PLUS Dragon Quest products. And the Dragon Quest sound effects and the Dragon Quest themed decor make the visit so much more fun. This is a great tourist attraction, I’d say. Don’t miss it!
Dragon Quest themed products_Lawson Convenience Store

● Snack Time! Did You Say Takoyaki?

I always come to Tokushin for takoyaki when I need a quick but hearty snack. Located about a three-mintue walk from the Dragon Quest Lawson and right by Gakiranger, Tokushin is one of those friendly, cozy spots that define Osaka. “Welcome back! How are you today?,” obasan (respectful term for ‘aunt’ or ‘older lady’) always smiles at me.

She’s so nice, she always gives me a small plate with my takoyaki because she knows I can’t eat them so hot. Ōkini (Osaka dialect for “thank you”)! Someday, I’ll eat them like a proud Osakan!
Hot delicious takoyaki and warm hospitality—Tokushin is a favorite spot of mine.
A cozy takoyaki shop, Tokushin

● A Stroll Down Nipponbashi Ota Road

I always enjoy strolling around this area. I like it because I’m an otaku, but I also enjoy encountering interesting things and people.
A Stroll Down Nipponbashi Ota Road

Many arcades in the area have purikura photo sticker booths, UFO catchers (claw cranes), and all sorts of video games, classic to new. Kids and adults alike can find something they enjoy.

Shopping is fun, too. You can certainly find many cosplay (costume play) products.

Nipponbashi is also a mecca of maid cafés. You might run into a maid on your stroll!
With a maid on Ota Road

There’s so much more in the Nipponbashi otaku district. This area is often compared to Tokyo’s Akihabara as the lesser version, but it’s as good as Akihabara in my opinion!
So many interests are represented here: manga, gaming, anime, cosplay, plastic model kits, railway fans, maids, figures, computers, pop idols, special interest magazines, etc.
It’s simply interesting to get a peek in different areas. You will find something new and different, and get more interested in Japan.
Take a day and stroll down Nipponbashi Ota Road. You will discover a new world.

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Walking Osaka’s Nipponbashi Ota Road with an Otaku, Part I

Spots Introduced

Gakiranger, Ota Road

[Access] About 10 mins walk from Exit 4 at Nippombashi Station.
About 10 mins walk from Exit 3 at Namba Station.
[Hours] 11pm – 8pm

Lawson, Nipponbashi Nansan-dori

[Access] About 6 mins walk from Exit 4 at Nippombashi Station.
About 7 mins walk from Exit 3 at Namba Station.
[Hours] Open 24 hours

Tokushin Osaka Nipponbashi

[Access] About 10 mins walk from Exit 4 at Nippombashi Station.
About 10 mins walk from Exit 3 at Namba Station.