A Bookstore Where You Can Sleep, in the Middle of Osaka!



Written by: Sean Chumiecki(Sean Chumiecki)

● Is it a bookstore? A hostel? It’s Both.

Offering a collection of about 4,000 books covering a wide range of genre, Book and Bed is, as its name suggests, a space with books and beds.
As soon as its first location opened in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro area in 2015, this hostel was a hot topic covered by international media as a new addition to Tokyo’s culture.
In 2018, Book and Bed opened a new location in Shinsaibashi, Osaka.

A Bookstore That Doesn’t Sell Books?

Although the concept of the place is an “accommodation bookstore,” a bookstore where you can spend a night, Book and Bed doesn’t have books for sale.
It is also not like Manga Cafes that typically house cozy rows of private rooms. Instead, Book and Bed has a large lobby area, where visitors can relax on benches and sofas.
You can of course bring and read books into beds that are separated by curtains.
By offering 24 hour shared showers, toilets, and wash rooms, Book and Bed might be more comparable to a capsule hotel.

It’s a Bliss to Be Surrounded by Books?!

How Bed and Book is different from other hotels, as you may guess, that it has a collection of books.
You can even plan your sightseeing agendas using their ample selection of English books and guidebooks!
It is a space where you can fall asleep holding a book, going back and forth between your dream and the story, staying in the infinite loop of the story you just read—a pure bliss for book lovers.

You can stay alone or with friends and families.
Beds are offered at reasonable prices—single bed starts at 3,400 yen while doubles start at 6,400 yen, and they also have superior rooms (separated by curtains).
Conveniently located—only 1 minute walk from the Osaka Metro Midosuji Line’s Shinsaibashi Station—this pricing is a steal.

A Cafe with a Theme of Color Black

I want snacks…
I was so enamored by the story I forgot to eat…!

You’re in luck. The store has a cafe that can satisfy your needs.
Black latte, black coffee jello with milk…menu items are designed with an underlying theme of the striking color black.

Created around the idea that foods and drinks look best the moment it spills over, the Koboreru (literally means “spill over”) series is sure to impress those who order it.

Need a Brief Break? You Don’t Have to Spend the Night.

Shinsaibashi is known as a bustling entertainment district of Osaka.
If you ever feel a little tired, need a break, or just want to read a book, you can visit Book and Bed between 12pm and 7pm for a low price starting at 650 yen per hour during the week.
You can’t bring in your own food or drinks, nor can you use the shower facilities, but who cares when you’ve got all these books!
Free Wi-Fi allows for a nice web surfing on your smartphones, too.

Spots Introduced


[Access] About 4 mins walk from Exit 4-A at Shinsaibashi Station.
About 6 mins walk from Exit 5-A at Nagahoribashi Station.
About 8 mins walk from Exit 3 at Yotsubashi Station.
[Hours] Hotel:
Check-in Time: 4:00pm- Check-out Time: -11:00am

Mondays - Fridays 12:00pm - 8:00pm
Saturdays/Sundays/Holidays 11:00am - 8:00pm