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Top 10 Most Read Travel Articles of 2020♪



Written by: リナ(rina)

● Osaka Metro NiNE: Looking Back on 2020

2020 is coming to an end soon.
It has been a tumultuous year, dominated by the global pandemic of Covid-19 that forced the Tokyo 2020 Olympics to be postponed.
In Osaka, visitors were scarce in popular sightseeing spots including Dotonbori and Kuromon Ichiba Market at one point, but those places have now been regaining its vigor slowly and safely.

On a different note, Osaka Metro NiNE celebrated the very first anniversary of its travel website on September 18, 2020. In the time of calamity, we wanted to, more than ever, share the charms of Osaka with people of the world; our Osaka loving international bloggers continued to engage travelers with articles on various topics, from the city’s top tourist attractions to Osaka’s proud gourmet food scene, and to its hidden gems.
For the last article of 2020, we sifted through the data to uncover the most popular articles of the year. Here’s the list of most read articles that published in 2020!

● The Top 3 Travel Blog Articles

Here’re the top three!


Beautiful Sakura Blossoms in Osaka Giving Courage to All

Sakura (cherry blossom) is Japan’s national flower and holds a special place in the Japanese people’s hearts and minds. Beautiful Sakura in full bloom—typically in late March to early April—is a one-of-a-kind treasure only spring can bring. This year, we enjoyed hanami (Sakura viewing) by taking strolls around the city instead of the usual hanami parties under the Sakura trees because of coronavirus.
“All winter comes to an end, and Sakura inevitably flowers.”
Enjoy the beautiful Sakura in pictures♪

Click here for details>>Beautiful Sakura Blossoms in Osaka Giving Courage to All


The Best Views of Osaka on Osaka Metro: Classic Choices

Check out the best views of Osaka!
This article introduces Osaka’s top tourist spots where you can catch the best views of the city and beyond, featuring classic choices like Osaka Castle, Osaka’s most visited tourist attraction, and Umeda Sky Building.
If you are new to Osaka, or even if you’ve been to Osaka before, this article will give you a different perspective for enjoying the city. Read on and find your favorite view♪

Click here for details>>The Best Views of Osaka on Osaka Metro: Classic Choices


Walking Osaka’s Nipponbashi Ota Road with an Otaku, Part I:
Japanese Manga, Anime, and Video Games are the BEST!

The otaku subculture was born within and nurtured by Japanese pop culture—anime, manga, and video games.
While Tokyo’s Akihabara is well known as the otaku capital, Osaka is home to Nipponbashi Ota Road, aka Akihabara of Osaka. Lined with shops specializing in anime, video games, and anime figures, Ota Road is purely a paradise for otaku. In this article, a Spaniard otaku, Diego, visits otaku favorites on Ota Road.

Click here for details>>Walking Osaka’s Nipponbashi Ota Road with an Otaku, Part I

● Hope to See You in Osaka Next Year♪

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We sincerely hope the situation gets better soon and that, next year, the Tokyo Olympics will be held and we can welcome you safely in Osaka♪
Osaka Metro NiNE will continue its work of spreading the word about Osaka and look forward to connecting with you further.
Happy New Year!